Several futuristic projects to shape our world.  These are all fairly awesome, and can be broken down into three main categories:

1. Luna Ring to generate Solar Electricity – useful.

2. Assorted self-sustaining habitats – cool.

3. Space Hotel – about f-ing time, science!

It’s fun to think that these, or similar projects, might happen eventually even if I am not around to see them.  Until then, it’s back to the sci-fi books I guess.


And at the other end of the building spectrum:

I am particuarly intrigued by the Walled City of Kowloon.  Very inspiring for writers!



Outcasts – New BBC SciFi Drama


This is a show which has been talked about for seemingly ages, so it’s nice to see it finally in production.  Which the cancellations of Defying Gravity and Paradox it’ll be nice to see a non-Doctor Who based scifi show.  (At the moment my only new scifi intake is Fringe.)

The line up looks interesting – though I didn’t particularly like Jamie Bamber in  Battlestar Galatica, I have liked him in other things.  More importantly the cast of characters looks interesting, though I’d have liked to have seen a more even balance of male and female characters. (Defying Gravity, how I miss you!)

So, I shall be keeping an eye out for this one.  Fingers crossed!



First post.

Let’s see how this thing goes, hey?